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Many are feeling lost in this journey. | Maria Portas

Many are feeling lost in this journey.
We are being with you.
You are being led.
We are One.

We are the example of who you BE.
The Highest Version of You.
That is what is here now surrounding you.
WE are those Beings.

We are The Pleiadians and we come in Love.
Open your hearts to receive the Knowledge,
to receive the Love.
Open your state of Being to see the Love 
that surrounds you.

More and more you will see the Love being poured around you.
We Are One.
Remember this as your governments tell you different.
Remember this as you begin to unfold.
You are not alone.

We have come to join with you to ascend this planet.
It comes through You!
That highest version of you.

Ofcourse it is You.
It always was.

You Are Love.
The full embodiement of Love.

Be open to this Awareness.
More and more you will see the brightness of this planet exceeds what it was.
And you will see it unfold.

The moments, the reminders that Heaven on Earth 
is about to unfold.
Will it happen straight away?
No ofcourse not, but as Beings rise up,
we will see it envelop before us.

See the moments that remind you of what you know is truly possible now.
Because you have always known.

You came with this blueprint within.
The Quantum within you, waiting for this.
For this moment right here.
You are one with all.
Rise Up.
See the moments that remind you of The All.

You came to be in this energy.
You came to experience this time.
Oneness is our nature.
One with All.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.
#newearth #ascensionnow

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