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Society is no longer at the realm of one leader. We have all become leaders! | Maria Portas


These letters are for humanity to rise beyond anything we’ve seen before. Together we rise. Forever we rise. We choose to rise up beyond what we see with our eyes. We choose to create Abundance, Love and Light.
It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

Just the way that we dissolve anything, (from solids to liquids to all different forms), in the same way it is possible to dissolve fear into Love. 

The fear that I speak of, is actually the harm of our nations. They fear people and countries that they have been led to believe must be destroyed for our future to be of Peace.
That is the most ridiculous statement or idea that has ever been placed on this earth.

Firstly, there are 2 ways to live. One is with fear, and the other is that everything is working out in the way that it should. Not that there is nothing that we are here to Be and do. That’s not true.

There is ALWAYS something that we can do to be of highest service. But what IS TRUE is that there is only 2 ways to see this and the way most of the world is seeing it is through fear. That rules our mind, and now that leaks into everything we do.

Fear is a disease that is being spread through the masses. Don’t dismay, because it can have a huge effect if we begin to just shift even a very few to that of Love, instead of fear.

Never before is there so much hope for our world. 
Why? Because you are all Awakening. Awakening to the Truth that there is a power so much Greater than you have ever, ever seen before.There will never be such stupidity without the uproar from a mass of people.

People that once cruised through life are now Awakening and speaking out. People are creating movements and becoming passionate about how they want their world to Be. How they want the world to feel. And how they want more than what they are being told right now.

Society is no longer at the realm of one leader. We have all become leaders. We are all the voice that we need. 
That’s why although you don’t see it. It’s perfect that one that cannot lead a world out of harm, is actually perfect for NOW!

Perfect because it makes YOU RISE UP.


IDEAS begin to run through you as to how things could change.As to how things could be better! YOU are being fed those ideas. Those ideas are being downloaded to you. Just as this message is a download from Me to You. You too, receive ideas day in, day out.

Are you open to receive them? Have you made space to receive them? By keeping busy with so many, many things. You are not being open to those ideas.

These ideas are You. They come to you at each and every moment, and are especially there when you ASK.  ASK AND YOU WILL RECEIVE.  It’s that simple.  ASK AND IT WILL COME.

BE ALL that You were Created to BE.  The Answers are there waiting on you. Your Answers are what we need in this world.

It’s a message, an action, it’s of the Highest Service to this world.

Was President Trump led to hold that position? Well let’s see?

Everything is a juxtaposition of what we are really wanting in this world.
So as soon as you have a desire it will juxtapose and create the opposite for you to create and live in. Be firm in your choices. Be firm in that YOU WANT PEACE.

BE FIRM in what you DESIRE or the outcome will be that we are living in another form of creation. 

Choose for the Highest Good of All.
Choose for the Oneness that you are.

It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.


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