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Woman, You Are Free! | Maria Portas

If in 1969 the Women’s Liberation movement had not been set in place, you may still be set as a housewife, with no job opportunities for you to undertake.

Instead, we have created and fallen into a system of 9 to 5 worker bees, instead of being the Queens.

What does it mean to be a Queen in today’s world? It means taking away the structures and walls that we have built around us, and to realise that woman you are free.

There are opportunities and real world creative projects that you are here to be a part of and yet we cannot see a way out of our 9 to 5 commitment.

Is this what your life has come to?

And, I know that  the thought of another five, ten, or even one more year, stuck where you are, is way too much to handle.

I had one client who ignored her purpose for so long, that her emptiness grew within. Nobody could fill it, not her husband, not anyone.

Not understanding what this emptiness was, she blamed the marriage, so she left.

Years later when I mentored her, and she was filled with the purpose that she came here to share, she later wondered if she would have left her marriage had she found this clarity sooner?

We ignore exactly what we need, and keep moving forward in a job or career that does not allow us to expand, or no longer feeds our soul.

You live in a time and place where you have the freedom to choose again. And I know that every time you hear this word freedom, your ego mind will create a number of situations and excuses as to why this would be not worth your while.

Has entrepreneurship ever excited you?

There are thousands of women that have chosen this over their 9 to 5 careers.

You have a purpose. You have ONE LIFE, and it is time. It’s time that you stop seeing your circumstances as fixed, and begin to dream of what may be possible.

It is about taking that first step to even explore and create a possibility of engaging with a wonder that lives within you. Begin by being curious about what could be.

Explore the possibility of there being a way to do what you were born to do.

It’s actually calling you every. single. day.

And then you may not be quite sure, but you know that you are being called, or at the very least, you know that all this must change. You are young, you may still have another 30 – 40 years ahead.

What is it that you want?

What is it that you want to feel when you wake up?

The choices you made were made in your 20’s, they supported you in your 30’s, but now as you have the wisdom of listening to your heart. The calling is stronger now. It has shifted who you are.

You can ignore it for a while but it is not going away.

You see the world needs you. What you came to be and do makes such a difference to this world.

You only see the very small part that you believe you play. But there is a much bigger picture happening that you have not even considered.

You are vital to this earth.

You belong to each and every moment, and you are awakening to the fact that the life that you were meant to lead is essential to your wellbeing.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

-Gospel Of Thomas

You are here to grow and expand, as all life should. You want to create art, jewellery, or write a book?

It will unfold when you allow a space for it to flow. The ideas will come. 

As an Intuitive Business and Life Purpose Strategist I can show you how to take those ideas and create a business around them.

It comes from within you.

‘The Business of Me’ is a 4 week Coaching Program where we explore what it means to live a life from Your Purpose.

Your Purpose is greater than you can even believe right now. And it’s so close to you  (because it is you!) that you cannot see the many treasures, that are within the ideas and business that you are here to create.

You need to live, right? Pay the mortgage? Right! There is a way that you can monetise your idea and I can show you how.

The Business of Me Coaching Program allows you to explore the possibilities of starting your business doing what you want!

You have the freedom to choose. What if you absorb it all and can see how you can move forward.

This is a blueprint for your work. This is a plan as to what you are here to offer and how you can build your business whilst making an impact in this world.

Freedom is our right. Yes, we create the limitations. Allow yourself to desire and dream more. The ideas will come.

This program will collapse time and allow you to see the Greatness that you’re here to serve.

You have it all within you. Allow me to draw it out.

I invite you to book a  Discovery Session.

With Love,

Maria xx