soul alignment mentoring

There is a Paradigm that you are now operating from.

Your Belief System has you seeing the world through a framework that matches that construct and nothing else can come in.

You see, the truth about the belief system that you have within you is that it is forever and foremost here to protect you.
Protect you from so many terrible things
(or so your mind thinks!)

But what if it is actually protecting you from a story 
that you once believed as a young child.
What if ‘making it’/succeeding at a new level
meant the death of who you once were?

This is so frightening to the subconscious mind
that it will do everything to keep you from achieving
what you say you want.

You are actually operating from a fear mentality.
You are being helped to stay in your place.
Helped to stay small.
And yet you say you want more!!

You want the success, the money, the love,
the adoration from all.
But something’s not working.
Something’s not happening.
Something is creating all this drama
and moving you somewhere other
than what you want to explore.

There is an emotion that is running this state.
eg. Unworthiness, fear, not enough.
And in this state the only things that will
be allowed in are those thoughts and beliefs
that match that emotion.

So nothing that you want will be allowed in
unless we deal with the undercurrent emotion.

How do we do that?
We become aware of what it is.
Awareness is everything.
It’s the difference between fear driving your bus
all over a banked up, rocky road.
Or awareness taking the wheel,
seeing the congestion up ahead,
and smoothly choosing to go around it,
or see it and avoid it all together.

There is a way!
And the more you become Aware.
The more you will move into the power
that you came to BE.

You are everything to this world.
Everything you desire is there for you.
You are everything, because you are
a shining example to so many more.

You have everything you desire within you.
And you deserve it all.



SOUL ALIGNMENT TRANSFORMATION 1on1 mentorship over 6weeks.

Know Yourself and your Strengths like never before.
Not the you that you think you are!!
The You that is so incredibly able to live a life that is filled with desire, success and Love!

* Activate your Soul’s Strengths
* Expand your natural gifts
* Eliminate the challenges that sabotage your relationships, money, happiness and success.
* You have the power to change everything in your life,
it begins with you!

6 x coaching calls plus
daily audio/messaging access to my intuitive guidance (this is in itself will blow your mind!!!)