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THE ONE Academy | Maria Portas

THE ONE Academy

THE ONE Academy



How long have we been waiting for someone else to make things better? Our family, friends, partner, politicians? We are always looking outside of ourselves. But let me tell you something:

I believe that You’re the One!

You are the One, that not only we have been waiting on, but you’re the One that you’ve been waiting on!

No one is ever coming to make you feel better! Only you can do that. Maybe not from where you are sitting right now, and maybe not within the paradigm that you are living right now. But let me tell you a new paradigm is not only possible, but it is essential for you! It’s the only way things will begin to flow and expand for you. And as they do. We also get to benefit from your expansion.

Look, I know that you’re probably feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward, or actually feel like you don’t have a choice. But you do!

The choices that I am making now (and they are big massive choices!!! ), are the same opportunities that have been around me for years but I could not see them!!!  I could not BE them!!!

I couldn’t vibe with them. I wasn’t an energy match to them. So I couldn’t see the magnificence that surrounded me.



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In the same way, you have amazing opportunities all around you but you can’t see them right now.

What the One Academy is, is about bringing you to the Power of BEing  what I like to call ‘superhuman’, where you realise the power that you have and are able to access it all. Because you are part of everything.

You know you are not just your human body. You are first and foremost a spiritual being.

And everything, I mean absolutely everything is spiritual, it’s all energy. There’s more than you can’t see that’s going on, than that that you can actually see and focus on.

What you see is just a miniscule of the actual reality all around you.

So I want to teach you about YOU, about Creation, about Reality, the real Reality and how you can play in this bigger picture of Life.

You’ll learn your Power, and how to access the elements of this world (that we take for granted), the power of the earth, moon, sun, space, everything!!!!

It’s all yours!

But in the centre of everything is YOU!!!

I want you to know your power, your potential, how you fit into it all and how you are the gift to this world.

You, yes YOU!

You are here to give of yourself. this and much, much more will all be accessible at THE ONE Academy.

And I was originally going to charge to go through this program. But I have been divinely led to release it for nada! Yes it’s now free to join!  I want you to be in! Fully in!

Here’s what we’ll cover over our 21 Days:
I want you to get in on it. I don’t want there to be any excuses of why people are not Awakening.
This will blow your mind, and transform your life.
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I want humanity to rise up! To connect to their power. It’s the only way this planet will change. It is when each of us rises and Be’s the person that they came to BE!!

Share it with your friends, anyone who is interested in having a breakthrough in aligning to their purpose, to tapping into their Superpower  and living a life of Meaning.



21 Days. 21 Lessons. You, Me and Universal Truth.

You’ve got this babe!

With Love,

Maria xx