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The Mystic’s Vault | Maria Portas

In One. In All. In Love.

The more we approach this 
as something outside of us.

The more we lose our momentum.

We lose our position in the world.

You Are Creator.

You are not in lack.

You Are The All.

Finally a MAP that is Unique to your Soul's Calling


Quantum Leap through YEARS of trial and error to get to your Next Upleveling.

BEcome MORE Magentic MORE Confident


Kerina Gelos

I’m so absolutely loving this, you don’t realise how many answers you have given me from questions I’ve had for so many years, they are just being answered every day. 
It’s been super amazing, because for so long I just couldn’t see or hear the answer to so many questions I had, and now they are being answered the Activations have been amazing. 
I have tried before other things and I could not see results and you have have given me so much in just a few days and I have felt to the core of me. 
My heart I can feel opening up like a flower,
I actually felt that . ❤️??
I am so amazed at how I feel.



Am really feeling the permissiom to be me. Permission to be that divine love. Always having felt I needed to hide, or package that in a way others could understand. But really feeling now, that the depth of that energy vibrates, and does not need words, although, can flow through me in all words. Thank you. Permission to be me, in my divinity. My truth unvailed ??
((And loving the asthetics of the videos, inspiring me to bring the physical and spiritual together in unity ?❤))


“I was absolutely blown away when Maria came back to me with the most incredible insights and ideas as to the direction my life and business should take. It gave me complete clarity about my purpose, and afterwards the work on my project became effortless. If you are looking for clarity and a renewed sense of purpose, I highly recommend that you work with Maria.”