EVERYTHING MOVES EVERYTHING  [Love to Mexico & Puerto Rico]

EVERYTHING MOVES EVERYTHING [Love to Mexico & Puerto Rico]



Mexico, Puerto Rico all are in a form of Grade 1 disaster right now.

Are we continuing to push forward and ignore everything that is being created here on Earth?

What if we had more power than we actually think? WhaT would the outcome be if we knew that Everything moves Everything.

That’s just quantum physics! Everything moves and affects everything else.

There is never anything in this world that does not move something else.

Even if I did not move in the physical ( which is obviously not possible as I am breathing all of the time! ) well, even if you could not see me moving, MY VIBRATION, which is even more in tune with everything in this Universe, is always and forever moving and expanding through this world.

What are the thoughts, feelings, emotions; thus vibrations that we are all putting  out there?

This is what we need to look at.

STOP believing that we don’t matter. STOP believing what we are being told!

It’s just ‘the weather’!

I beg to disagree!!

What if we did have the power and we are not doing anything?

What if we do have the Power and we are sitting back and not taking action?

What is it that Gaia wants?

What is it that the Universe is wanting from us?

This is what we need to explore and create, and move as though we matter.


Because we are all at Cause. And we ALL Cause an Effect.

How am I not serving this planet?

How are WE not serving this planet?

The signs are there.

The questions need to be answered!

Our ONENESS is our nature.

We are part of a big huge entity.

A Divine Being, and we need to move as thus, and stop separating ourselves by way of countries, nationalities, species, money and more.

Everything matters here.

Be the most EXPANSIVE YOU and YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE to this world.

What are you here to do?


YOU ARE PART OF THIS PROCESS. You are here now BECAUSE you are here to share a very vital idea, thought, service or creative endeavour.

Whatever it is, if you are not showing up, you are being crippled by not acknowledging what lives within you.

By not acknowledging what lives within you. You are missing out on shifting something that needs to move, shift and transform, for all of us.

JUST BEGIN. Whatever it is. WE NEED YOU.


We all have our place in this world, and if anyone is not well, WE ALL SUFFER.


Begin by being YOU.

Raising Your Vibration, and the


It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.

Maria xx

New Beginnings

New Beginnings


01 September marks Spring in our calendars on this side of the world in Australia. It’s a time to bloom, to create, to set forth new beginnings. It’s a time to know just how abundant you can be.

We learn so much from this beautiful world and you are a pivotal part of it all.

You get to create everything that you desire within you.


Not some things, but everything!

You can’t keep pretending that it doesn’t really matter.

Or that life is happening to you.

You are creating it all.

And in saying that, you also have the power to change it!

Let’s begin to create as a new day has been given to you.

Each moment is new.

Each moment is a part of creation.

Creation giving you a new beginning.

Don’t bring the past into this moment. Choose to define it with everything you desire.

And see it as DONE!

You are magnificent.

You are everything that you desire to create.

You are a shining light that everyone desires to learn from.

You have something magnificent to share.

To share and to give and to create abundance around.

This gift that you carry around with you, is not for you.

It’s given to you to give to others.

It comes easy to you, but not to others.

It’s easy to forget how magnificent it is because you easily share it.

It’s what makes you excited to share.

It actually heats up your body and generates something within you that when you hear someone doubt this, or not know this, you have to chime in and give your message, give your gift of you!

You do it all the time.

You think about it too.


It’s You.

But you can’t see it because it’s so close to you.

It’s like a strawberry it’s perfect and beautiful and sweet as a strawberry,

try to be a banana and it would not fit in. It would feel like it has failed.

Be itself, and it’s the best strawberry it can be. Yummmmmm!

We are not meant to fit in to what society has decided for everyone!  F that!

We are unique and each bring our own strengths and abilities to fit into this world.

To keep this world alive and moving we need to perform the tasks that we came to give, or else we are not doing our job, or more importantly we are not living into our God-given Purpose!

Begin today. Start today!

Know Your Power!!!

I invite you to join me in “The One Academy” 21 Days to Realise That You Are The One!


Moving Into Alignment Like Now!

Moving Into Alignment Like Now!

There is such alignment here in the moment if you know how to move through this world. It’s about CREATION.

It’s about growing and knowing that there is an expansion within you ready to burst out.
You know this.
You are this.

Every time you make a choice you need to ask yourself if this is what you higher self wants for you.

That highter version of you, what does it want right now, and then go do that.

So, today I decided and signed papers to sell my home.

This is my highest calling right now. To make this be a done deal!

So the me that cringes when she hears the word ‘solicitor/finance etc.) just cringes and thinks of a thousand things to do rather than walk into that office (aka procrastination!) …
(also this would be what I would say to my man {problem: dont have one right now} “here you do it!” Or I’d give him the controls.

Every part of me just wants to run past the solicitor’s office. (Today, I actually have to walk past to get to my car) The Universe knows me, and is always perfect! Puts it right into my line of getaway 🙂

But then, I ask myself, what the Higher Version of me wants to do?
And She, She walks into that office!
It’s actually what She wants!!
I feel Her.
My chest expands, and I breathe deep into my stomach.
I stand and feel confident.
My whole VIBE is now Her.

(I feel like I need to name her.)
She’s awesome.
She’s courageous, but light, it’s all easy for Her.
Because she follows Her Light.
Follows Her expansion.
Wants connection.
Knows Herself.
Gains knowledge and shares it.
She creates.
Is masterful.
And lives and breathes her worth.
She feels expansive.

She needs EXPANSION.

When I choke her with littleness, she contracts and that’s what makes me feel bad.

When we are not lit up.
When we do not move towards what we say we want.
That’s what makes us feel bad.

That’s what harms us.
It is our very own limitting beliefs, that cannot allow us to move and expand. We become stuck.

I choose to expand,
again, and again,
and again.
Forever more.

What’s your Higher Self wanting of you?
What’s the story that she is wanting you to live into?
Get clear on that.

Journal on that.
And then move the fuck towards it.
Like RUN!

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.


Your Potential Is Written Within The Stars

Your Potential Is Written Within The Stars


POTENTIAL is the very highest point that you can be.

Your Potential is what is already been written within the stars.

It shines down on you every night to remind you of Your Greatness.

Of that vision that You Are.

There are several ways to share your Potential with others.

1st.  Tap into you heart. Here is your place of belonging.

Of knowing that you and others are all one.

That what you have to give is to serve the bigger picture.

It is here to serve a human race that needs your gift.

It’s here for Love, for Freedom and to raise others out of where they are at now.

Your work does that. Yes it does that in the world.

You do that when you tap into that potential.

2nd. Bring everything in alignment with what you are here to Be.

Your Greatest Self serves this world just as you do.

Your greatest self is the possibility that you have come here to Be.

When you create out of that knowing, then your gifts are heard,

they are explained in a way that is energetically heard and felt by so many other individuals.

Your tribes will fly, as the vision is expressed through your Greatest Self.

3rd. Bring it all to a place of Discovery and Reflection.

The meaning you give something is profound.

You are sharing a part of your meaning and discovery with this world.

Only you get to see things the way that you do.

Only you understand something in the way that you do,

and as you begin to share, others too will see and open to knew ways

of seeing, of Loving and caring for all.

Today begin. Today is ALL.

WE Begin with you here and now.

It is Done. In One, In All, In Love. MARIA PORTAS.