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LPB | Maria Portas





My Purpose is to create a New Earth here in this world. I AM here but not from here. WE are infinite and Divine. My purpose is to awaken Beings to create. To create from their Divine Nature, from who you truly are. You are infinite and Divine. Awakening is my Message and my truth to you.


I have been Called to shift this planet. You know this. Awaken you to MORE. We are infinite. I AM here to expand individuals to BE more, see more, create more. It’s infinite. WE are Divine and everyone will feel this all. It is done. In one in all in love. Amen.

Here’s my message

Create with the full force of your Being. It’s all about who you see yourself to Be.
Your identity, who you see yourself to Be, is maximised as you move through this world.
You have so much to give and as you do, as you come into Being you transform this world.
Heaven on earth is not a concept, it’s who we BE. “
it is done.
In one In all in love


Discover your higher self –without feeling lost and confused! Wouldn’t it be nice to finally get a MAP?
Here’s what’s covered…

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  connect               with Me

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