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Relationships | Maria Portas
[A look into our future]

[A look into our future]

[A look into our future]

There are many beings wanting
to express their vision
but they find it hard to decipher 
and really speak their message.

But here is the thing 
you don’t have to

soon there will be this inner knowing
that we all bring.
this inner knowing that
I know who you Be.

In the same way, you see me 
and just know ME.

It’s quite absurd for you to imagine this.
But this is what will be.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.


Hello. A Word That Makes Me Feel.

Hello. A Word That Makes Me Feel.

Sometimes there are words that latch on to me and just make me feel:

hello. the word that begins anew.

hello. the word when you cannot say anymore.

hello. the word that stops you from being exposed.

hello. the word that forever wants to stay 

yet a hello always ends.

a hello is for a moment.

a moment when two or more meet.

hello is the roller coaster that I want to feel

when I see you again.

hello is the moment that I held my breath

to see if you would respond.

hello is what haunts me and

makes me hope for more.

hello. a little word

that seemed to hang it all.

everything that was was in that one hello.


Things Don’t Have To Be Forever

Things Don’t Have To Be Forever


There is such an attachment that I have felt to…. who I thought was THE ONE:

from my very first boyfriend…

to my wedded one….

to the one that tore my heart out ….

and to the one that opened my heart to more.

I am now seeing that yes some things are forever.

But some things just come and go.

They are there for a journey, a space in time and then they turn,

some over years and others within a day, but you know it’s gone.

My body still vibrates with the pain of losing something that I adored.

But maybe it was not a loss. Maybe I just gained more.

More than I once had, more than I once adored.

What if it was just the gift that I needed to let me know that I was more?

I sit in this space and wonder out to see if there may be more.

But I sit here on my own, and that has to be more.

Because when you find and know the Love that You Are in another,

then you have been given so much more.

So much Love, so much adoration, and in one fleeting moment,

you will decide, that it was more.

It was desired, and then it had to be let go.

Let it go. There will be space.

Another will be what he was.

YOU are definitely more.

That, my friend IS forever more.