Do you sometimes wonder how you’ll get  from here to there?

Do you sometimes wonder how you’ll get from here to there?

Or worse how you will ever get to experience 
the Love that you know is within you?
How about all the money you now want?

What if every time you thought of the lack
You pushed it away.
That’s what’s happening now.

Choose again.
Choose to decide that you have it all right now.
It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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Always remember that as you speak  You Create

Always remember that as you speak You Create

Not sometimes but always.
Always in the here and now.

Be Present to what you BE in the present moment.
BE present as to what you bring.

What is your intention?
Get clear and bring it forward here and now.

Bring the greatest intention of your life 

It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.
Maria xx

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What If Everything (the good and the bad) Is Pointing You In The Direction Of Your Dreams?

What If Everything (the good and the bad) Is Pointing You In The Direction Of Your Dreams?

Everything that has ever been in this place 
has been to move you in the direction of your dreams.

You dreamed them oh so long ago.
And everything you choose is either towards
or against that dream, that vision of Your Life.

What feels out of alignment and shows up in the physical
are all signs that something is not right.
Something has gone wrong.
What is that something?

Here is where we get to explore.
The manifestation is always a sign that 
what you adhered to is actually not serving you somehow.
The littleness you chose, and choose again and again,
swallows the very essence that you came to BE.

This is why it is so important to follow the dream.
Follow what feels good.
Stop squashing the bigness that you came to BE.

We all have a message within us.

Are we going to share that 
Or are we going to let it brew within?

Do not ever create with a knowing 
that you are not meant to do this.
So many spend their lives 
doing something other than what is.

Create with the Knowing that everything you desire
is within you right now.

It’s about stepping into that BEING!
YOU my friend are BEing Called.
You have a message to share with this world.

The flow that is being stopped 
by your unwillingness to go within
is physically manifesting blocks.

So you will create everything 
to remind you to listen to Truth.


What would you be doing if you knew why you were here?
Because you know deep inside.
I dare you to say it!

It’s not crazy.
It’s the most amazing thing you could BE.
Because at the core… it’s YOU.
Always has been.
And it’s TRUE!

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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Releasing doubt
Transforming the Self.
Knowing you are the One.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.
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What if you have Access to Everything you Desire?

What if you have Access to Everything you Desire?

What if everything that you have ever imagined
has already been Created?

What then?

Well, then you have access to it all.

Why is it that you doubt that to be Truth?

Manifestation is all about bringing in
the very thing that it is that you desire. 
When it’s not showing up,
there is a problem with the
ALIGNMENT of that desire.


Easily fixed right?

Well, here is where all this begins to change.
Because there is a new way of Creating. 
And there is never a time that you need to
think that you are not entitled to it all.


You are
and always
have been.


Can you rate your struggle from 1-10?
Really? Be honest? 
How hard is it to bring in what it is you want?

Here is how:
If you rate it a 10,
that is, real, real, hard.


Well there is your belief.

There is much keeping you from
what it is you are wanting and reaching for.


But if you are creating and thinking
that you can easily create 1-3
then you get to be in that vision
And FEEL it over and over again.
There is never a REASON
but the reason you give it!


You have such attachment
to not having someone or something
that you now keep it a bay.

You are stopping the becoming.
You are creating the other bubble
that does not allow this love
or this person
or this thing,
the money,
whatever it is
to come to you now.


Just reach in and see it
as you will.


See it as done.
As completely yours
and completely done.
See the vision
the movie of your life. 
And include it all.


Every detail that you love.
Everything that you want.


You want it BECAUSE it
has ALWAYS BEEN a part of YOU.



It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

EVERYTHING MOVES EVERYTHING  [Love to Mexico & Puerto Rico]

EVERYTHING MOVES EVERYTHING [Love to Mexico & Puerto Rico]



Mexico, Puerto Rico all are in a form of Grade 1 disaster right now.

Are we continuing to push forward and ignore everything that is being created here on Earth?

What if we had more power than we actually think? WhaT would the outcome be if we knew that Everything moves Everything.

That’s just quantum physics! Everything moves and affects everything else.

There is never anything in this world that does not move something else.

Even if I did not move in the physical ( which is obviously not possible as I am breathing all of the time! ) well, even if you could not see me moving, MY VIBRATION, which is even more in tune with everything in this Universe, is always and forever moving and expanding through this world.

What are the thoughts, feelings, emotions; thus vibrations that we are all putting  out there?

This is what we need to look at.

STOP believing that we don’t matter. STOP believing what we are being told!

It’s just ‘the weather’!

I beg to disagree!!

What if we did have the power and we are not doing anything?

What if we do have the Power and we are sitting back and not taking action?

What is it that Gaia wants?

What is it that the Universe is wanting from us?

This is what we need to explore and create, and move as though we matter.


Because we are all at Cause. And we ALL Cause an Effect.

How am I not serving this planet?

How are WE not serving this planet?

The signs are there.

The questions need to be answered!

Our ONENESS is our nature.

We are part of a big huge entity.

A Divine Being, and we need to move as thus, and stop separating ourselves by way of countries, nationalities, species, money and more.

Everything matters here.

Be the most EXPANSIVE YOU and YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE to this world.

What are you here to do?


YOU ARE PART OF THIS PROCESS. You are here now BECAUSE you are here to share a very vital idea, thought, service or creative endeavour.

Whatever it is, if you are not showing up, you are being crippled by not acknowledging what lives within you.

By not acknowledging what lives within you. You are missing out on shifting something that needs to move, shift and transform, for all of us.

JUST BEGIN. Whatever it is. WE NEED YOU.


We all have our place in this world, and if anyone is not well, WE ALL SUFFER.


Begin by being YOU.

Raising Your Vibration, and the


It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.

Maria xx

The Comfortable Is So Uncomfortable. You’ve Got To Let That Shit Go!!

The Comfortable Is So Uncomfortable. You’ve Got To Let That Shit Go!!

The very people that hurt you are the very people that will teach you the most about yourself.
How long have you been holding on to things that no longer serve you?
It can be a relationship, a j.o.b., or even the choices that you made a thousand years ago and still do them now. 
They no longer serve you!

And still we hold on.
Why? What for?
Because we are scared. So scared of what that space without them could mean.
Space to think, to grow, and most of all create the person that we are meant to BE.

We love to know. So we stay with what we call comfortable.
Really? How is that comfortable?

-Your relationship is over, you know it to be true.

-The zipper of your jeans are biting your rolls right now.

-And the career you thought was what you wanted all those years ago now bores you beyond words!

What we deem comfortable
is so friggin uncomfortable to what living a true life is,
that it totally does not make sense to stay there one minute more.

But we do.

We do because we lack the knowing that there is something that we could make great.
Sometimes it takes something to shake you to choose the change.
And if it came to that,
you would totally change in a minute and create what it is you want.

But we sit and wait for it to get so f*kn uncomfortable until we make our move.

I’m not saying let it all go.
I’m saying begin moving towards what you really do want.
Start making choices that tell the Universe this is where I am going,
and so much will begin to fall into place,
that then you will come to a point where there are so many things
that feel good to you,
that what you thought was comfortable ,
is now so ridiculously uncomfortable
that you just got to let that shit go!

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.
Maria xx

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