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Enlightenment | Maria Portas



What if everything in this world is now working for you.
Always has, but this New Earth is aligned to make it all become real.
What is it that you truly desire?
Because NOW is the time.
Let the stories go,
about the outcomes and how you think it should go.
What if it was NOW?

What if in THE NOW all Potentials are possible?
What if in The Now you could access it all?
In The Now everyone, here and in the past is actually rooting for your success right here, right now.
I mean all the GREATS are looking down at you,
[actually here with you] and allowing you to shine.
What if they feed you the information you now require?

Everything is available to you in the Now.
It always was, but more so now. 
There is no separation.
We are all One.

Create with that Knowing that you are a Powerhouse to allow Source to breathe and speak through you.
Create a space where you are available to receive and are open to LOVE, to GENIUS to flow through.
Because you are this portal for The Divine to flow through you here and now. Wherever you BE.
That works for The Divine.
You are it.
Stop playing small!

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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Many are feeling lost in this journey.

Many are feeling lost in this journey.

Many are feeling lost in this journey.
We are being with you.
You are being led.
We are One.

We are the example of who you BE.
The Highest Version of You.
That is what is here now surrounding you.
WE are those Beings.

We are The Pleiadians and we come in Love.
Open your hearts to receive the Knowledge,
to receive the Love.
Open your state of Being to see the Love 
that surrounds you.

More and more you will see the Love being poured around you.
We Are One.
Remember this as your governments tell you different.
Remember this as you begin to unfold.
You are not alone.

We have come to join with you to ascend this planet.
It comes through You!
That highest version of you.

Ofcourse it is You.
It always was.

You Are Love.
The full embodiement of Love.

Be open to this Awareness.
More and more you will see the brightness of this planet exceeds what it was.
And you will see it unfold.

The moments, the reminders that Heaven on Earth 
is about to unfold.
Will it happen straight away?
No ofcourse not, but as Beings rise up,
we will see it envelop before us.

See the moments that remind you of what you know is truly possible now.
Because you have always known.

You came with this blueprint within.
The Quantum within you, waiting for this.
For this moment right here.
You are one with all.
Rise Up.
See the moments that remind you of The All.

You came to be in this energy.
You came to experience this time.
Oneness is our nature.
One with All.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.
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Anytime you speak  you create.

Anytime you speak you create.

Anytime you speak 
you create.
Anytime you think
you desire
Anytime you desire
you dissolve whatever it is that you say you want
and make it manifest.
Where are you going to spend your time?
It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.




The alignment of your planet has now come at a time where much is needed for us to assist you all into moving into a New Earth, a new dimension in time.

No longer is there a place where you can live out this 3D plane without feeling much struggle. We are leaving all that behind.

Imagine an earth where everything thrives. Where the very image of earth is to be one with The All. Where we feel connected to all, we are aware of our Oneness, so that everything is connected and it flows. Because everything is You. But the others are also you.

Our earth has taken much hardship. This planet was being destroyed so now we have this Awareness, this now reality, it is the 5th and above dimension (above because others will tap into that too).

Being in the 5th Dimension is a choice, it is an awareness, you have freewill, but everyone will come.

Why would you not?

For some it will be very hard, as in it will feel clunky and a bit hard because you are purging what does not belong. But this is for you, for your greatest good. So continue to allow the old ways to fall away.

You will be now told of the new coming through. You will be shown by your governments of new developments that you now are aware that all this is true. That no one can escape this. That yes we are all moving forward.

This New Earth is now prominant, it is the evolution of your time. In the past here has been many times where humans have evolved. This too is one of them.

We Are One. But we must move into the Higher Dimension now. It’s essential for the All.

You are completely Loved.
This planet will be shown the way.
It is Time.

?? The ‘ASCENSION’ Program is here to allow you to spiritually, energetically and emotionally move through with LOVE. 
There will be activations everyday for a full 40day period.

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? You become an energetic match to 5D vibration. 
5D upgrades, as you are energised from within, so it is without.

? You see just like everything this 5D earth is birthed through us!

It is Time.

? You know you are being called to experience this Light Activation through Source.

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We begin NOW.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.




The unfoldment of this planet and in fact our Universe is being brought forward right now. We are about to experience several energies that will affect our plain of being.

We are being asked to stay the course. 
To show Love. Be Love. 
RISE HIGHER than ever before.

You are one with All.

You are the Collective and we are asking you all to speak Truths, to rise up and feel what is wanting to be birthed through you.

You are always speaking and creating, 
but WHAT are you speaking and creating?

This is what needs to move and change. 
This is where we need to tap into our hearts.
What would Love do?

We are here for the journey of our lives.
Realise that everything is moving forward.
It is moving to a higher plain.

The energies are rising.
Be in that state.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love



There’s much turmoil here happening in this world as we shift into a new way of Being here on Earth. To rise up, to give birth to all that is coming about is going to be strenous sometimes.

Think of the birth of a child, there is much pain and distress, there’s a going backwards and forwards, until the very birth, the very force of nature comes through. How miraculous is that.

In the same way we are being birthed through. Well, actually we are releasing and the new earth is being birthed through us.

We will see many things begin to happen, there will be a dismantling of the old, there will also be much with the energies of the Plaedians here to assist us vibrate higher than ever before.

You will feel the energy rise up within you and you will be activated and inspired to create more, to Be more. You will be energised. That is a fact.

The new moon has disipitated now and you will begin to see an occurence that is not visible by the eye in the past, but you will be apt to see it now.

You see much is being presented to you.

The way Awareness works is that as you raise your energy, your frequency you enter a new realm. You are more Awake. You see beyond the Light frequency and the miraculous apears before your very eyes.

It may be a flicker, but you know. 
Do not dismiss these situations, allow them to occur, they are testing your receptivity to it all.

You are being asked to LOVE. 
LOVE what is coming forth.

It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.