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actually knew more about you 
than you know about yourself? 

What if they had the keys to turn, 
the buttons to push and all the know how of how to shift you and change your way of being right now? ?

What if everyone was placed there to help you get to where you need be right now? ??? #woah

What if, huh? 
Pretty amazing how it all works!

It is all Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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where we reveal who you came to BE
And beam that into the world.
The world is waiting on YOU! ?

Churches, Religion and God

Churches, Religion and God

So Cardinal George Pell of the Catholic Church has been convicted for Child Sex Abuse. The fuckery of this is exponential to the church and all it’s high regard that they have of one another. 

When are we going to learn? 
There is no system that can keep us from God. 
From our Truth. 

To have to get to God via a pastor or priest 
and have your sins absolved and the truth is 
that there is THIS happening inside it’s doors,
is a mockery. 

But also it is time.
It is time for the Truth to come out.
It is time to realise that the Truth 
has always been held from you. 

As we rise as Beings of a 5D reality 
we get to see the Truth that we are. 
We never needed no church, 
no priest 
to tell us the sinners that we are. 
And that we were never good enough, 
holy enough or pure enough to be 
the God’s we came to Be.

We carry the Divine within.
That makes us Divine.
We never left Creator. 

This place, this place called Earth
is just a construct of our mind. 
And yes we get to play this Sacred game called LIFE.
But we also get to remember who the fuck WE ARE!

And we never left.
We are all ONE.

These bodies make us feel seperate.
But we are ONE.
ONE with everything.
ONE with ALL.

These constructs are falling around us.
And this is what remains. 




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where we reveal who you came to BE
And beam that into the world.
The world is waiting on YOU!


Top 10 Truths to Catapult you into your Incredible Life – A Manifesto

Top 10 Truths to Catapult you into your Incredible Life – A Manifesto




I’m 49! (say whaaaaat?)
Here are the 10 secrets that took me forever to learn!!!
Here’s hoping you get to OWN IT.
Do YOU Babe!


1. DON’T EVER GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY. Ever! You are a whole complete being right now. And anything that is make you feel not enough is just there to reflect how you are feeling within. So look within, set boundaries and work on it girl! You already are enough. No one can take anything away from you. You are whole and complete right now.


2. BELIEVE THAT EVERYTHING IS HERE FOR YOU. Everything is here to show you where you are at. It’s all a reflection of your being. So rise the fuck up girl! Be more. Know that you deserve it all. And you will.


3. STOP HANGING ON TO MEN WITH POTENTIAL. You know the ones. Potential to ‘be someone that is there for you’. Potential to ‘be the man you’ve always wanted’. Potential to ‘show the fuck up!’ There are men that already want to show up for you. That’s who you want. Period!


4. TELLING PEOPLE THAT THEY HAVE SOMETHING BETTER THAN YOU. Don’t believe that there is someone that has anything that you don’t. As though they have some magic pill. They don’t. They have the same beautiful potential that is within you. It’s there for your taking. If you see it, it’s there within you. So show up! Be that NOW!


5. YOU CAN BE WHOEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO BE. Don’t let anyone dim your light. You’re LOUD? Then BE LOUD. You’re sexy? Be that! You’re a bookworm, then be that. Do YOU. Whatever it is that you want to BE, do that! No excuses and definitely no explanations. LOVE who YOU ARE.


6. CREATE WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE. You are a powerful creator. Apparently someone forgot to give us that memo! You are a magnificent Creator that can impress upon your subconscious mind, whatever it is that you want. Take the time to learn that and step into the powerful being that you are.


7. Just as you know that the sun will rise, KNOW THAT YOU ARE BORN TO RISE. You are created with something magnificent in mind. Go find it. Look within. Listen to your Guidance that lives within you. GO Live your dreams girl!


8. BE PASSIONATE! This one thing is the sexiest thing there is. Passion, OMG! Stop pretending to be like everyone else. Get fired up about what you LOVE, or what you absolutely don’t. And rant about that! Passion moves energy. It moves people! People need to be moved! Teach what you love. You have got that within you right now.


9. TAKE INVENTORY OF EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE. We are just these doing machines that never stop and really take into account the amazing things that we have already achieved in our lives. You are absolutely brilliant right now. Look at the ways you have shown up, especially when adversity hit. You survived and you did the best with what you knew how. After reading this list, you can do better now! 🙂


10. And here’s the big one. The jaw dropper! YOU ARE ALWAYS LOVED. NEVER ALONE. ALWAYS LOVED. Tap into your Soul. It has everything that you DESIRE. ALL the Answers. EVERYTHING YOU NEED ….. YOU HAVE IT ALL.


It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.
Maria xx


PS- Share it with a sister that needs a little reminder that ‘SHE TOO IS FABULOUS RIGHT NOW’…. pass it on .. 🙂

Everything is always flowing through you

Everything is always flowing through you

Everything is always flowing through you.
It’s your expression to this world that truly matters.
It truly is the expression that you give it that will be returned.

Don’t feel that there is something other than what you desire.

Your desires are EVERYTHING.
Do not judge them as wrong or as not being enough.
You are MORE than enough.
You are the Divine expressing through Life.
You are that now.


Every time you doubt yourself,
you limit your potential.
You stay in fear.
You create more drama for yourself.


Life is just about showing up
and being Great.
Great meaning that you are tapped in
and tuned on to your biggest life expression.


Do not fear any of it anymore
Because you know,
you know deep, deep down
that this is why you were born.

You came to deliver a message to this world.
It’s one line that you would scream through this world.


My one is:


“You are Greater than you believe right now”
and a lot can be taught under that.

But that’s what I want you to know.
That you have been given a gift.
That you are the Living expression of the Divine.


That you are GOD.


That you have the possibility to create
everything that you desire.


That you not knowing this is actually keeping you small.

It’s keeping you stuck.
It’s all about moving on and pressing on.
It’s never about, actually
it never was about being stuck in a place
that told you what to Be and Do.


It was about having the freedom to move through this.
It was about creating more and more each and every day.

It was never about being in a society that tells you how to Be.
We are forever creating ourselves.


We are here to explore ourselves.
To learn from ourselves, and to be in relationship with others.

Don’t ever fear that you are not enough.
You may not be enough for what society tells you to BE.
But that was never, ever the plan.


YOU are YOU.


YOU could never fit into the places that they told you too.
Because guess what? Your Soul is bigger than that.

Your Soul wants to dream and be free and create.


What if you could let it all go now?�
What if you could begin again?
What would you choose out of life?
What would you choose right now?


You have a Blueprint within you.
It’s about going within and drawing it all out.

Let’s be all there is.

Let’s do it all now.


It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

What if you have Access to Everything you Desire?

What if you have Access to Everything you Desire?

What if everything that you have ever imagined
has already been Created?

What then?

Well, then you have access to it all.

Why is it that you doubt that to be Truth?

Manifestation is all about bringing in
the very thing that it is that you desire. 
When it’s not showing up,
there is a problem with the
ALIGNMENT of that desire.


Easily fixed right?

Well, here is where all this begins to change.
Because there is a new way of Creating. 
And there is never a time that you need to
think that you are not entitled to it all.


You are
and always
have been.


Can you rate your struggle from 1-10?
Really? Be honest? 
How hard is it to bring in what it is you want?

Here is how:
If you rate it a 10,
that is, real, real, hard.


Well there is your belief.

There is much keeping you from
what it is you are wanting and reaching for.


But if you are creating and thinking
that you can easily create 1-3
then you get to be in that vision
And FEEL it over and over again.
There is never a REASON
but the reason you give it!


You have such attachment
to not having someone or something
that you now keep it a bay.

You are stopping the becoming.
You are creating the other bubble
that does not allow this love
or this person
or this thing,
the money,
whatever it is
to come to you now.


Just reach in and see it
as you will.


See it as done.
As completely yours
and completely done.
See the vision
the movie of your life. 
And include it all.


Every detail that you love.
Everything that you want.


You want it BECAUSE it
has ALWAYS BEEN a part of YOU.



It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.