[A look into our future]

[A look into our future]

[A look into our future]

There are many beings wanting
to express their vision
but they find it hard to decipher 
and really speak their message.

But here is the thing 
you don’t have to

soon there will be this inner knowing
that we all bring.
this inner knowing that
I know who you Be.

In the same way, you see me 
and just know ME.

It’s quite absurd for you to imagine this.
But this is what will be.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.


There is nothing better than the Truth.

There is nothing better than the Truth.

There is nothing better
than the Truth. 
You know it deep within
and yet you choose not to live it.

You know what is wanting
to come through you, 
you know it’s time.

Is it about speaking up? 
Or letting something go?

“The Truth will set you free”.

And it does, it always does.

You only live a lie when 
you don’t trust who you are, 
what it is that you need and 
what is calling you to Be.

Look at all areas of your life
and ask yourself: 
“What is the Truth here?” 
Be an outsider looking in.

Question your life. 
It’s in the questions that 
we get to really find what it 
is that we are here to Be.

It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.



The unfoldment of this planet and in fact our Universe is being brought forward right now. We are about to experience several energies that will affect our plain of being.

We are being asked to stay the course. 
To show Love. Be Love. 
RISE HIGHER than ever before.

You are one with All.

You are the Collective and we are asking you all to speak Truths, to rise up and feel what is wanting to be birthed through you.

You are always speaking and creating, 
but WHAT are you speaking and creating?

This is what needs to move and change. 
This is where we need to tap into our hearts.
What would Love do?

We are here for the journey of our lives.
Realise that everything is moving forward.
It is moving to a higher plain.

The energies are rising.
Be in that state.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love

AWAKEN! AWAKEN to all that You Are.

AWAKEN! AWAKEN to all that You Are.

AWAKEN! AWAKEN to all that You Are.
To all that you bring.
You are a Magnificent Creation of the Divine.
You are One with The All.

Your Expression is LOVE and LIGHT.
Right now it doesn’t matter what you do.
It’s what you eminate into this world.

You have an Expression from The Divine.
It’s your true nature right?
Do you get that?
You are here for more than you are Being right now.
It’s actually in the Being that all comes about.

You know that you can do many things.
And I am sure that you have experienced
it in your immediate past…

That when you BE, [so you can be ‘doing’ the same things day in day out], but when you intentionally choose to BE LOVE, BE KINDNESS, BE INCLUSIVE ie. ONENESS, then everything shifts.
It all becomes whole and more than ever before.
People feel this all of the time.

Fuck what you do.
Who are you BEING?

That’s where the GOLD 
(and GOD)😉 is at!




The rising of our planet is filled with EXPANSION.

The rising of our planet is filled with EXPANSION.

The rising of our planet is filled with EXPANSION.
You get to expand into the 5th dimension and express the Awareness that that brings.

You are being led to RISE UP.
RISE UP your Energy.
RISE UP your Awareness.

Awaken to a new state of Being.
You are being led.

The energy is rising, go with that.

Feel the energy of others, those that vibrate higher and higher those are the ones that you are wanting to be around.

We are energy transmitters.

As you vibrate higher, you too will eminate more and more of that frequency of Love.


You all don’t get the Power that I am speaking about.
You see it as this word that you have attached so much lack to.
I’m talking full blown LOVE.
Full high vibrational LOVE. 
The highest frequency that there is.

That is what will save this planet.
That is what will assist us to ascend.

We are One always.
Nobody gets left behind.

Be the One that sees that this Ascension,
this New Earth, this Heaven on Earth is here and now.

Choose it.
For you and everyone.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.


YOU HAVE A PURPOSE and it is Greater than you believe right now.

YOU HAVE A PURPOSE and it is Greater than you believe right now.

YOU HAVE A PURPOSE and it is Greater than you believe right now.

Every time you speak, you bring forth that essence of you.
It’s right inside of you right here, right now.
There is never a here or there.
You are in The Now and this is the moment to let your Being SHINE.

You have much to give this world.

you were not made to fit into this world.
You were made to Be and to Create and to realise the Power that you bring within.

Yes it’s been a journey.
Yes we see things as we believe.
But now I want you to Believe more.

Believe more than you ever have before.
There is no way you will not fulfil your desires.
Because the world is pushing you to Be the One.

How many times have you felt the calling 
deep within your Soul?
It’s calling you for More.

More YOU.
More of You and who you came to BE.
We all have a Purpose and it is within!
Stop looking outside of you.
It’s all within.

We are awaiting your Presence to be felt.
We are all awaiting on You.
You are looking for YOU in everything else,
in everyone else.

But here you are 🌠
You are enough.
More than enough.
You have always had it all within.

As soon as you see this 
you realise the Power that you bring.

It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.

My Purpose🤩 is to reveal:
I reveal, activate and remind you of YOU! 
Who you came to BE in this world.
And what is wanting to be expressed through you.
Get clarity about what makes you stand out,
Your message to the world, and why you were Created.
Your actual Purpose!
>> Message me if you’re ready to 
remember who you came to BE.🤩

CLIENT LOVE: “I had to remind myself that this was the first time I had ever seen or met you.I felt like I’d we’d been talking to each other for years! The things you were saying made so much sense to me, it was like being told something you already knew but it just slipped your mind. Light bulbs were being flicked on all through the conversation but they were lights I somehow felt were always on anyway…it was more like a reminder they were on! At the end of the conversation I felt charged. I felt reminded that I mattered and I have a power inside me that I can harness not only for myself but for my loved ones too! I felt empowered 💟
Thank you Maria. You are an amazing lady! So much love.” 
~ Kristy.
PM ME >>



in every which way.

You like to all think that you are seperate.
There’s me here and you over there.
But in fact We Are ONE.

Everything that you thought was apart from you.
Like let’s just take a look at that word
‘apart’ even if you want to think it means seperate
it is still telling you “a part” !!

It’s all around you. 
The air you breath. The water you take in.
The pictures you see, that you deem to be ‘in your reality’ 🙂
Is all you. There is no seperation.

Your senses like to make you think you are apart😉 
but we are one.

So not even the person you see before you is seperate.
You are ONE and connected and it is a part of YOU.

So you’re nbr 1 job is to rise up higher than ever before and create an energetic field around you and everything you see and rise it UP and BEYOND.

People will feel you. 
See you.

You are One with The All.

You get to make people feel great.
You get to Love on others, because as you do.
We all rise up.

What is happening in your bubble?
Where are people needing Love?

Help them to RISE UP.
Sometimes it is reaching out.
Sometimes it is by sharing your words, 
your talent into the world.

The right people will receive it all.
You are ONE with everything.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.



There’s much turmoil here happening in this world as we shift into a new way of Being here on Earth. To rise up, to give birth to all that is coming about is going to be strenous sometimes.

Think of the birth of a child, there is much pain and distress, there’s a going backwards and forwards, until the very birth, the very force of nature comes through. How miraculous is that.

In the same way we are being birthed through. Well, actually we are releasing and the new earth is being birthed through us.

We will see many things begin to happen, there will be a dismantling of the old, there will also be much with the energies of the Plaedians here to assist us vibrate higher than ever before.

You will feel the energy rise up within you and you will be activated and inspired to create more, to Be more. You will be energised. That is a fact.

The new moon has disipitated now and you will begin to see an occurence that is not visible by the eye in the past, but you will be apt to see it now.

You see much is being presented to you.

The way Awareness works is that as you raise your energy, your frequency you enter a new realm. You are more Awake. You see beyond the Light frequency and the miraculous apears before your very eyes.

It may be a flicker, but you know. 
Do not dismiss these situations, allow them to occur, they are testing your receptivity to it all.

You are being asked to LOVE. 
LOVE what is coming forth.

It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.




This was Sunday 6am.
Still dark outside. 🌚
Inside there were LEGENDS. 💪🏽

Great Beings showing up to train, to lead as examples to our young stars: – THE MINIONS – the leaders to their peers.

The magic that took place was indescribable, the energy was next level and the comraderie was life giving.

They were divided into teams and they trained hard, TOGETHER.
They lifted our Minions to an expectation of Being More.
They were cheered on and ONE with the TEAM.
It was EPIC to watch!
They all were CHAMPIONS!

What followed was a Leadership training held by Bronson and Dan who shared their wisdom and experience of creating THE KIWI DADS.

The Minions were then encouraged to come up with ideas of what groups they would be inspired to serve within their community. Which they will then unfold by assisting each other to make those visions come to life.


CSP Athlete Factory Coaching Zone Five Dock Members CSP AF Athletes & Parents

Empowering our Youth 🏃🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️

THANK YOU!! Bronson!!
Thank you CSP 🙏🏽

Every day you get to speak your Truth

Every day you get to speak your Truth

Every day you get to speak your Truth
Every day you get to beam it out into the world
You are of the most High
And we forget 
each one of us forgets to bring this forth

You are always being shown the way
The Light 
You are always being Guided
but you refuse to listen to that small voice within

The one that loves you.
instead, you listen to those voices that speak louder
The ones that cut you down.
The ego, who wants you to play small.

Why? Why are you believing that you are not enough?
That you are somehow small.
When you have everything to give this world
inside of you.

You are everything that I Created you to BE.
You are wonderful right here, right now.
Anything but that is a downright lie.

You are ONE with the ALL.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.