YOU HAVE A PURPOSE and it is Greater than you believe right now.

Every time you speak, you bring forth that essence of you.
It’s right inside of you right here, right now.
There is never a here or there.
You are in The Now and this is the moment to let your Being SHINE.

You have much to give this world.

you were not made to fit into this world.
You were made to Be and to Create and to realise the Power that you bring within.

Yes it’s been a journey.
Yes we see things as we believe.
But now I want you to Believe more.

Believe more than you ever have before.
There is no way you will not fulfil your desires.
Because the world is pushing you to Be the One.

How many times have you felt the calling 
deep within your Soul?
It’s calling you for More.

More YOU.
More of You and who you came to BE.
We all have a Purpose and it is within!
Stop looking outside of you.
It’s all within.

We are awaiting your Presence to be felt.
We are all awaiting on You.
You are looking for YOU in everything else,
in everyone else.

But here you are ?
You are enough.
More than enough.
You have always had it all within.

As soon as you see this 
you realise the Power that you bring.

It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.

My Purpose? is to reveal:
I reveal, activate and remind you of YOU! 
Who you came to BE in this world.
And what is wanting to be expressed through you.
Get clarity about what makes you stand out,
Your message to the world, and why you were Created.
Your actual Purpose!
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remember who you came to BE.?

CLIENT LOVE: “I had to remind myself that this was the first time I had ever seen or met you.I felt like I’d we’d been talking to each other for years! The things you were saying made so much sense to me, it was like being told something you already knew but it just slipped your mind. Light bulbs were being flicked on all through the conversation but they were lights I somehow felt were always on anyway…it was more like a reminder they were on! At the end of the conversation I felt charged. I felt reminded that I mattered and I have a power inside me that I can harness not only for myself but for my loved ones too! I felt empowered ?
Thank you Maria. You are an amazing lady! So much love.” 
~ Kristy.
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