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You are here in this place | Maria Portas

You are here in this place
in this time
to assist in bringing in the New Earth.
The New Earth is a reflection of who We BE.
So BE more.
Allow yourself to BEAM through this planet.

Your essence and your Presence is palpable.
The grid is in. The codes have been placed.
You are here to emanate Love Now.
It’s never a here or there.
It’s always Now.
Allow everything to flow through you.

Many are feeling the call.
Many are seeing the signs.
Allow them to speak to you.
Allow them to be the spark that guides you in the direction that you desire.

You are entitled to LOVE.
It is within your very nature.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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To ACTIVATE you Spiritually, Energetically and Emotionally to move through this process with LOVE. We are here to EVOLVE.

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