What if everything in this world is now working for you.
Always has, but this New Earth is aligned to make it all become real.
What is it that you truly desire?
Because NOW is the time.
Let the stories go,
about the outcomes and how you think it should go.
What if it was NOW?

What if in THE NOW all Potentials are possible?
What if in The Now you could access it all?
In The Now everyone, here and in the past is actually rooting for your success right here, right now.
I mean all the GREATS are looking down at you,
[actually here with you] and allowing you to shine.
What if they feed you the information you now require?

Everything is available to you in the Now.
It always was, but more so now. 
There is no separation.
We are all One.

Create with that Knowing that you are a Powerhouse to allow Source to breathe and speak through you.
Create a space where you are available to receive and are open to LOVE, to GENIUS to flow through.
Because you are this portal for The Divine to flow through you here and now. Wherever you BE.
That works for The Divine.
You are it.
Stop playing small!

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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