in every which way.

You like to all think that you are seperate.
There’s me here and you over there.
But in fact We Are ONE.

Everything that you thought was apart from you.
Like let’s just take a look at that word
‘apart’ even if you want to think it means seperate
it is still telling you “a part” !!

It’s all around you. 
The air you breath. The water you take in.
The pictures you see, that you deem to be ‘in your reality’ ?
Is all you. There is no seperation.

Your senses like to make you think you are apart? 
but we are one.

So not even the person you see before you is seperate.
You are ONE and connected and it is a part of YOU.

So you’re nbr 1 job is to rise up higher than ever before and create an energetic field around you and everything you see and rise it UP and BEYOND.

People will feel you. 
See you.

You are One with The All.

You get to make people feel great.
You get to Love on others, because as you do.
We all rise up.

What is happening in your bubble?
Where are people needing Love?

Help them to RISE UP.
Sometimes it is reaching out.
Sometimes it is by sharing your words, 
your talent into the world.

The right people will receive it all.
You are ONE with everything.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.