Tracking your rememberance is where we begin.
There is much happening on this planet 
and there is no TIME. 
Not like before.

We are living in the rememberance of The NOW.
Everything is here in the Now.
Be here Now.
Serve Now.
Be You Now.
You see there is much energetically being dismantled.

TIME is actually a concept of the 3D.
There is no time in the Now.
It is just empty space here again and again 
and you get to create your life.
What is it that you desire? 
Then BE that Now.
Be the Creator of Your Life.
You Are One with everything.

We think we are still living in the 3D.
And it’s actually in the past, but we haven’t actually caught up as yet, so everything is happening in the Now.

In the 3D we were actually protected by TIME.
There was that over there, and as long as you left it in the past it wouldn’t touch you, but it was still over there.

Now the veil has dropped and it’s all here in the Now. 
So that that you did not let go of is 
actually present here and now. 
All is available. 
So it is now being purged 
and blowing up here and now. 
You cannot put it in the past 
it no longer exists, 
it’s just all in the flow of the Now.

So many are experiencing things 
of the past coming up right now.
And Wow! it all feels like too much.

It is now about really choosing if you move this forward, or you are now done. 
You energetically take your power back. 
You say NO one final time, 
and you press on with your DESIRES,
as though they are done here in the Now.

You Are Love.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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