The rising of our planet is filled with EXPANSION.
You get to expand into the 5th dimension and express the Awareness that that brings.

You are being led to RISE UP.
RISE UP your Energy.
RISE UP your Awareness.

Awaken to a new state of Being.
You are being led.

The energy is rising, go with that.

Feel the energy of others, those that vibrate higher and higher those are the ones that you are wanting to be around.

We are energy transmitters.

As you vibrate higher, you too will eminate more and more of that frequency of Love.


You all don’t get the Power that I am speaking about.
You see it as this word that you have attached so much lack to.
I’m talking full blown LOVE.
Full high vibrational LOVE. 
The highest frequency that there is.

That is what will save this planet.
That is what will assist us to ascend.

We are One always.
Nobody gets left behind.

Be the One that sees that this Ascension,
this New Earth, this Heaven on Earth is here and now.

Choose it.
For you and everyone.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.