Exponential growth in your planet will now be felt.
There is a surge in energy and this will spike the energy readings to be seen off the charts.

You are being led. You WILL feel the energy.
It’s somewhat electric.
You came to give this earth the power it deserves.
You came to download it all through you.

You are all intelligent creatures and 
are here to be of service to one another. 
No longer will you be afraid of the outcome.
You are One with The All.

Many will feel this surge and 
wonder how it will all unfold.

Trust that you do KNOW.
Trust that you came for THIS MOMENT.

Are you aware of Your Light?
Because it’s beaming out of you.
It’s moving in all directions around you.

Your upgrades are being and taking place within you.

You are The One.
You are everything you now need.
It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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