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The energies are being felt all over this planet. | Maria Portas

The energies are being felt all over this planet.
We all feel it. Some will feel the Love that pours through them. Others will feel the purge of what needs to be released. 
Allow it to BE released.

Rest, rejuvenate.
Be in the absence of the distractions that you keep.
We want you to be well, and fully energised in The Light.

We Are One.
We get to pour this unbelievable Love language through you.

You will all Awaken to Source.
This is the future of our reality.
This is our Truth now.

This is us all bringing the New Earth through now.


Allow what is wanting to be birthed through you to come.
Allow the journey to unfold.

We Are One.

This is going to light up the planet.
The energy is off the charts.

We see the effect this will have on this planet.
We need to RISE UP.

Be the Highest Version of You.
Be The One.

It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.

?? The ‘ASCENSION’ Program is here to allow you to spiritually, energetically and emotionally move through this process with LOVE. …see comments below??..
There will be activations everyday for a full 40day period.

#ascensionnow #newearthnow