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The alignment of your planet has now come at a time where much is needed for us to assist you all into moving into a New Earth, a new dimension in time.

No longer is there a place where you can live out this 3D plane without feeling much struggle. We are leaving all that behind.

Imagine an earth where everything thrives. Where the very image of earth is to be one with The All. Where we feel connected to all, we are aware of our Oneness, so that everything is connected and it flows. Because everything is You. But the others are also you.

Our earth has taken much hardship. This planet was being destroyed so now we have this Awareness, this now reality, it is the 5th and above dimension (above because others will tap into that too).

Being in the 5th Dimension is a choice, it is an awareness, you have freewill, but everyone will come.

Why would you not?

For some it will be very hard, as in it will feel clunky and a bit hard because you are purging what does not belong. But this is for you, for your greatest good. So continue to allow the old ways to fall away.

You will be now told of the new coming through. You will be shown by your governments of new developments that you now are aware that all this is true. That no one can escape this. That yes we are all moving forward.

This New Earth is now prominant, it is the evolution of your time. In the past here has been many times where humans have evolved. This too is one of them.

We Are One. But we must move into the Higher Dimension now. It’s essential for the All.

You are completely Loved.
This planet will be shown the way.
It is Time.

?? The ‘ASCENSION’ Program is here to allow you to spiritually, energetically and emotionally move through with LOVE. 
There will be activations everyday for a full 40day period.

? It is a transmission, a Light Activation through Light Language that you receive to upgrade you into The Light.

? You will feel lighter, more energised, and youthful than ever before. Therefore, Healings will occur.

? We have an introductory price of $269 for the first people to receive the beautiful Rememberance of Light.

? This Light is activated within you through the Language of Love, of Source Energy pouring through you.

? You become an energetic match to 5D vibration. 
5D upgrades, as you are energised from within, so it is without.

? You see just like everything this 5D earth is birthed through us!

It is Time.

? You know you are being called to experience this Light Activation through Source.

>> Reach out if you have any questions.
We begin NOW.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.