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MARIA L PORTAS & CO. | Maria Portas

We’re here to change the world 
by remembering who we BE:

?PHILOSOPHY: We show up believing in The Highest Version of who we Be. We live on Purpose and Dream Big!

?MISSION: To bring New Earth to this planet.
Awakening Beings to create from who You Truly Are. 
You Are Infinite and Divine.

?‍?VISION: To create a world where people THRIVE living their PURPOSE. 
Heaven on Earth.


➰ LOVE: What would Love do? BE that.

➰ BE: Choose a state and BE that.

➰ CREATE: Expand You into the world.

➰ ONENESS: We are One. Always.

➰ TRUTH: Allow Truth to move through You.

➰ FREEDOM: Freedom for All. Every one!

➰ ABUNDANCE: An overflow of ALL.


“CREATE with the full force of your Being. 
It’s all about who you see yourself to BE. 
Your IDENTITY, who you see yourself to BE, 
is maximised as you move through this world. 
You have so much to GIVE and as you do, 
as you come into BEING you TRANSFORM this world. 
HEAVEN on Earth is not a concept, it’s who we BE!”

In One, In All, In Love.

I Love You ?