Love her. She’s the only one we’ve got. 
Our Mother Earth.

Do we talk about her enough? 
Do you talk about her at all?

She’s here and you live and 
thrive on her.

She has given you everything.

Love her. She loves you back. 
She’s yours.

That magnificence is ours, 
and we take it all for granted.

Go out and see her. 
Love her. 
Kiss this fucking earth! 
The ground that supports you.

This big beautiful ball of Creation. The blue ball I call it.

She pulses with your Light.

She is breathing and thinking 
and nurturing, 
and no one speaks of her.

Teach our children to Love Her. 
She is pregnant with more.

Get down and kiss her. 
Lie on her. 
Breathe with her. 
Her love is deep. 
Deep as deep as her ocean.

She is Our Mother. 
Walk out and breathe 
and feel her energy.

She is a woman, 
and when she is adored 
she will thrive forever more.

#mamaearth #lovestory #creation #lovestrength