These Light languages bring through a frequency that moves the energy within your system.

Everything is being UPGRADED.

We are 99.999999 % space, that is Energy, that is Spirit.

We are moving and upgrading each cell, each nucleus to be a vibration 
of what we now need.

Here is what I mean…
So when the vibration sets forth from Maria, you will recieve the same transmission that she is pouring through her.

You are given Light Activation and Rememberance of 
‘Oh this is how it was always meant to Be’.

An energetic beam going into and through you 
to regenerate and energize the Source of who you Be.

It allows for a transmission to be given 
to you through the Knowing that yes 
this is how it be.

We are One, and access to Source Energy is always available, 
this just pours it through you with the identifying outcome of it being MORE. More than what now is, because of the blocks of thought, worry, food, all the distractions here on earth.

We are transforming the very existence of the cell. 
From matter to Light, to Light, to Light.

It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.

🧬🧬 We are here to EVOLVE. The ‘ASCENSION’ Program is here to align you spiritually, energetically & emotionally 
to move through this process with LOVE.

will give you the power to RISE UP, to LEAD, to HEAL, 
to be at the forefront of what is. 
The forefront of such a time as this!

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