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ENERGY UPDATE: | Maria Portas

There’s much turmoil here happening in this world as we shift into a new way of Being here on Earth. To rise up, to give birth to all that is coming about is going to be strenous sometimes.

Think of the birth of a child, there is much pain and distress, there’s a going backwards and forwards, until the very birth, the very force of nature comes through. How miraculous is that.

In the same way we are being birthed through. Well, actually we are releasing and the new earth is being birthed through us.

We will see many things begin to happen, there will be a dismantling of the old, there will also be much with the energies of the Plaedians here to assist us vibrate higher than ever before.

You will feel the energy rise up within you and you will be activated and inspired to create more, to Be more. You will be energised. That is a fact.

The new moon has disipitated now and you will begin to see an occurence that is not visible by the eye in the past, but you will be apt to see it now.

You see much is being presented to you.

The way Awareness works is that as you raise your energy, your frequency you enter a new realm. You are more Awake. You see beyond the Light frequency and the miraculous apears before your very eyes.

It may be a flicker, but you know. 
Do not dismiss these situations, allow them to occur, they are testing your receptivity to it all.

You are being asked to LOVE. 
LOVE what is coming forth.

It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.