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ENERGY UPDATE | Maria Portas

The unfoldment of this planet and in fact our Universe is being brought forward right now. We are about to experience several energies that will affect our plain of being.

We are being asked to stay the course. 
To show Love. Be Love. 
RISE HIGHER than ever before.

You are one with All.

You are the Collective and we are asking you all to speak Truths, to rise up and feel what is wanting to be birthed through you.

You are always speaking and creating, 
but WHAT are you speaking and creating?

This is what needs to move and change. 
This is where we need to tap into our hearts.
What would Love do?

We are here for the journey of our lives.
Realise that everything is moving forward.
It is moving to a higher plain.

The energies are rising.
Be in that state.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love