Adjust accordingly to Our Love.
To the Highest version of Love.
Many may never have felt this Love
we speak of.
It is a treasure of this reality in the now.

If you access it, you know it.
You BE it.
You CREATE from it.

What a blast!
Soon all the treasures will be abound.
Soon you will see the Love that I speak of in the Now.

Don’t ever feel you will not have access.
It is a choice.
And you get to choose to be in the Light.

Your access to The Divine is always available.

What are you giving your power to?
The Light is shining bright.
You are being called.

We are all called.
Both You and I.
But it takes courage to move and Be the One
that raises above and beyond the normal life.

You decide it is easier to stay where you are 
until it one day becomes unbearable to your sight.
You need to break free.
You need to pour Love.

The only way to break out is to raise the energy
the frequency of who you already are.

That Divine nature is wanting to break out.
The You that is within you, 
is wanting to burst through.
Allow it.

You came with much.
You have it all.
It’s all within.
All within you now.
Be in that Love.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

#ascensionnow #newearthnow

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