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YOUR PURPOSE is waiting upon You! | Maria Portas

YOUR PURPOSE is waiting upon You!
You hear me?
Where is it you ask?
It’s within you, with everything you need and require.
Your Purpose is here for you to fully discover who you BE.

And what do we do here?
We shut that shit down.

Because that’s not responsible to just go do what I love.
What my Soul is guiding me to BE.
It’s not responsible. There are rules that I must follow.

And then we call ourselves FREE.
We are not FREE.
You are living in a world of rules that you abide by day in and out. And really you could choose to release the rules that are keeping you from expressing who you came to BE.

You had one job. Go down and Discover who you BE.
Remember who you came to BE.
Who you already were Created to BE.

And yes, that was part of the game.
To forget right!
And here we are.
You forgot.

But also,
as you began to remember, 
you needed to follow the signs,
follow your heart. 
Open up to YOU!

By following your desires!
That’s how.
The Answers have been put within your heart.
Your Soul pulsates through there to attract you, 
to move you to where you need go, do, experience,
and already are.

But you say, “well, I can’t do that”,
“not today”, “that’s just for dreams”
That’s what you’re living right now.

A DREAM. And you get to create it any way you want.
Go for your dreams. Go for your desires.

There is always a way.
It’s within you now.

Every Answer, every solution is within you.
Everything you dream and desire is yours to BE.
You came with a Purpose to fulfill those desires.

As you follow desire you also reveal Purpose.
As you Be your Purpose you also follow desire.

It’s a win win situation for you and for all of this world.

Go live your Purpose.
Go chase Your Desires.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.