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Every day you get to speak your Truth | Maria Portas

Every day you get to speak your Truth
Every day you get to beam it out into the world
You are of the most High
And we forget 
each one of us forgets to bring this forth

You are always being shown the way
The Light 
You are always being Guided
but you refuse to listen to that small voice within

The one that loves you.
instead, you listen to those voices that speak louder
The ones that cut you down.
The ego, who wants you to play small.

Why? Why are you believing that you are not enough?
That you are somehow small.
When you have everything to give this world
inside of you.

You are everything that I Created you to BE.
You are wonderful right here, right now.
Anything but that is a downright lie.

You are ONE with the ALL.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.