Are you aware that the very fact that you are here is to be the representation of Love Eternal in physical form?
YOU are the Expression of Love Eternal.

What does this all mean?
Well, here we go 🙂…

Believing in a new world is possible when we know ourselves. 
Not only possible but a deep, deep reality that we can bring about.

Desires are the emotions that will move us towards that vision.

The reason you are here is to make each and every day a better place for you, Me and All. 
It is the expression of who you BE that allows this to come forth.

In the beginning, there was Me. Yes Me, that which you refer to as GOD. 
What I call “I AM” or “OM”, it is the expression of Me.

All Love, All Truth, All One.

The fact that you are here is that I have placed your Spirit, 
that part of Me that we all share, 
and we have given you a form, a body, 
that allows you to Be in the physical realm.

The physical realm is an energetic sphere that allows you to repel, 
attract and bring new individualistic expressions into the form of a third dimension, 
(but still energy in its form) only as you all know, a very dense energy of form.

This earth is the form created to guide you spiritually, 
and to understand how you can be the expression of Me. 
But YOU don’t realize who it is you are.

You see, when you are down in the depths of the atmosphere that enters the earth, 
the depth of this planet does not allow higher elements of space to be seen. 
This is not to say that they do not exist. 
For all is around you.

But you are the very expression of Me.

But for Me to create more of Me is what already is. 
So for human creation to exist, there was an idea, 
that was that I could experience another form by the things that you choose. 
And the only way you could ever choose something other than what You Are is to give you a CHOICE. A sprinkle of Freewill to the Magnificence of You.

Here you get to decide what is. You get to decide how you will react. 
And I see and feel you. But I gave you WILL, and I will not take that away from you.

Your Will will be done.

Only you get to choose how much fun you will have. It’s easy! You just need to choose what you Love. Love does not fear destruction. It is LOVE. Love allows you to grow, to strengthen what is, and to bring in the new creations that you then are here to explore.

This world is for you. But you are for Me.

It is but a beautiful sacred place that is given meaning by you.

The bad? It’s a choice. It’s about being aware that you have the power to change this world. Yes, each and every one of you was given a reason to be here. When you know, you’ll see the Truth that You Are

Believe in You. I totally do!

Be You Now.

It is Done. You will return.

In One, In All, In Love.