The way we empower is by moving through this world as though we already Know.
You Know this.
You Know it all.

Everything is within you.
You are Creator of moments, of worlds.
You create at each moment a new experience.
A new awareness.

Are you accessing your True Potential?
Who is it that you came to BE?
BE THAT and BEAM that through this world.
You are an energetic beam of Light 
and the brighter you shine.

The more you rev up your Light.
Expand your Awareness, 
You create a massive force in this world.
You are the Creator of so much and you don’t even realise.

Because we have all been told that we are not enough.
Not good enough to just BE.

You are everything!
You need not need one more thing.
You bring it all within.
Everything is already pouring through you.
You stop and think it’s too easy,
it’s not enough. Why?

Because to you it’s who you BE.
But others need what you so freely give.
It is not easy for others to do or Be what you be.
You have been given gifts to move Heaven and Earth.

You were given gifts to heal.
In whatever form that is.
Be that Love, Music, Art, Messenger, Coaching, Healer or more. The form doesn’t matter, it is what you bring.

You’re here to heal this planet.
Just by being You.

All You.


How you ask? >>

There’s a place within you that you know.
You just know it’s time
it’s time to change this world.
And it begins with you.
Your world.
Your world is the reflection of the wider world.
A reflection of the whole.
You get to experience it by who you BE.

There is a next level version of You.
Of who you came to BE.
And we call that GENESIS.
GENESIS because it’s Creation in the Now.

Creating the incredible to BE the One that you came to Be and express into this world.
There is much that you get to BE.
There is a revelation that you came to bring.
There is a higher version of your Being calling you to BE.
BE more You. Be the Highest Expression of You.
Fully own Your Light.

GENESIS is where it all began.
Where it all unfolds.
Each day is new.
Each expression is yours to BE.
It’s time.

You Know You are being Called for more.
For you, your people, the one’s that are waiting for you to Be More.
You will be led, and shown.
There is an empowerment stage and then it’s fully Knowing your state. Who you BE here on earth.

What are you waiting on?
Why did you come?
Who did you choose and agree to BE?
BEcause it’s all within.
And that struggle you feel,
it’s just calling you you to BE.

But you are bombarded with all the things.
And thoughts come and go and you just don’t see.
The ego is keeping you from all the things.
It doesn’t want you to see.

It’s a game.
But we are making it oh so hard.
It feels soooo hard.
But it’s just a flick.
A flick of a switch that lights it all up.

GENESIS, it’s new.
It’s fresh.
It’s you creating the most incredible you that you came to BE.
Because we all are incredible.
We all came to BE.
BE what?
That’s all it was ever about.

It’s not about the guy, the girl, the job,
the everything you make it out to be.
It’s about You. It’s about Me.
It’s about fully stepping into the Power that you BE.

G E N E S I S 
6weeks 1on1 Transformation – Revelations – Creation.
daily Divine downloads,
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6 coaching calls
The best 6 weeks of You.
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