ASCENSION is allowing The Light 
to be brought through you, 
and for all that doesn’t serve to Be let go. 
You are allowing the old to release. 
You are being lit up to BE in the realms of THE ALL 
The Highest Version of Your SELF.

This one matters to the All. 
There will be activations every day 
for a full 40day period.

40days of this…
into The Light.

It is here to give you THE SOURCE of Your Being. 
You are Us always.

The Light that will be emitted to you all,
the ones that choose will be an expression of Light,
of Awareness and of The All.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

PM ME for more details…

Ascension: noun 
the action of rising to an important position
or a higher level.