My Dad died 7 yrs ago.
We all die in the physical.
But he will always live on in me.
He impacted my life by who he BE.
He was a leader, a Visionary, a mentor.
He knew The Divine.

He knew GOD.
He saw the face of God in everyone.
He knew the people.
He loved the people.
He showed up in Love.

He taught me a Love that I rarely see in this world.
What I believed was a normal way to operate.

How wrong I was.
The world does not know Love.
It comes with conditions and a what can I get attitude.
When really Love just is. And it is given freely.
It is given easily. It is just who you BE.
There is nothing I want.
I just want you to know that You Are Love.
That You are Loved.
And GOD/THE DIVINE does that through Me.

My heart bursts when I see you.
There are no conditions.
There’s just me seeing you through 
the eyes of The Divine.
I see perfection.
I see Greatness.
I see Potential.

You are enough right here, right now.
You have everything within to make a difference
to this world.
To the people around you.

My Dad was an example of BEing.
He took care of the people in his world.
He impacted many, by his acts of Love.

You get to be that too.
You get to Be exceptional in all you be and do.

Exceptional just by Being You.
You the essence that you came to Be.

What is your essence?
What is at your very core?
You were created to give this at every moment.
You were created to BE.

Do you ever ask “Why am I here?”
What is it that makes me stand out in my field?
And how can I use that to fully show up on Purpose?
People look and search for their Purpose for years.
And yet it is all within.

You experience a LIFE PURPOSE BLUEPRINT Session
where I REVEAL who you were Created to BE.
Your Essence, 
Your Purpose
Your Mission, 
Your Calling,
The Message…
You came to give this world.

And, what The Divine is wanting to express through you.
Through your Business and Life.
The actual reason you were given Life.

It’s not that you have this life and then you do your purpose. 
YOU have a Purpose and this is why YOU have Life!

You have everything within.
You are the expression of The Divine.
I reveal. You Remember.
And then you GO BE in our world.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.