The connection between Heaven and Earth 
is what we will explore here:

Heaven is not a place we end up in
Heaven is a place we BE.
It’s a state of Consciousness
it’s an Awareness
it’s something that we bring within.

The concept has been tainted in so many ways.
Everything is within you.
The whole universe breathes within you.
So too does the state of Heaven.
We are here to give that to All.
It lives within you.
It is You.
It is Your Awareness of who you BE.

The Creation story is there to teach you of what is.
Of what always was within you and as you took form you then entered the reality that you now see.
You saw things as seperate, as somewhere beyond of who you BE.
When in reality it is all You
Every bit of what you see and BE.

There is much here that we will explore
And there is so much here to reveal.

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