Your Soul knows.
It deeply knows and creates from a place of full Awareness.
These inspired actions are what make all the difference.
Everything in Creation moves when you create from that place.

You are an energetic match for that which you desire 
to have in place here in the world.
You are an energetic match to Creation.
You are an energetic match to everything that you 
believe is yours to Be and have.

You have that within Your Soul.

You are here to vibrate and Be the frequency 
of that which you desire.
It’s all here for you.
Your desires are here to stretch you to BE 
the One that you came to BE.
Everything is here for you to discover who You BE.

Being more is essential.
It’s not everything that you do. 
But who You BE.
Are you relying on outside forces to create your Potential?
You know it’s within you right?
You know it’s who you BE right?

Everything is flowing through you in this space and time.
You are everything.
You get to flow through life.
You are everything that you desire,
right here, right now.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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