it is an expression that we all bring 
and we get to express this in any way we know how.
Your expression and what you came to Be 
is such a gift to this world. 
It’s who You BE.

There’s so much going on in this plane.
But you always get to choose your state.
Who are you Being?
What is it that you choose to bring to this world,
to your day, your every moment here on earth.

You matter to the very existance of this planet.
You matter because you BE.
It’s who you were born to BE.
There is an essence that allows you to see 
everything that you desire within. 
There is a place that you get to unfold your dreams.
There is a power within you that you get to bring it in.

The more you see you, 
the more you see the Greatness that you bring.
Anytime you doubt yourself, 
you are doubting on Life itself.
You came to give Life.
To give of Your Energy,
Your Power is to BE.
BE MORE and you will.

It’s time you see what I see within.
It’s a Power so immense that you bring.
There is a Power that breathes through you 
when you allow it to BE.
You are that Power.
You are everything that it BE’s.

There is no seperation between you and The Divine.
You are swimming in this Presence 
all of the time.
It’s what you bring.
It’s that Energy that you get to release.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.
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