How many times have you thought:
“If only this was done.”
Well it is.
As soon as you see The Light.
The Truth that is spinning in your mind.
Your thoughts create everything in your world.
There is nothing that you see that has not been created by You.
On some level, it’s all you.

That’s sometimes hard to hear.
But when you get that.
That’s also the Power that you bring.
You are Powerful and you create it all.
So if I did create this, 
then I have the power to change this too.
Everything is here to serve us.

If everything is here for you.
Then what is it here to show you now?
And then what is it here to give to you?
What will you choose now?

Everything has brought you here, here and now.
What is it that you will choose?
Everything begins with a thought.
What will you now choose?
What reality will you now feed?

It is Done.

‘The Sacred Healing Sessions’ have begun.
You, me and The Divine. 
Source Energy running through your Being.
Love Energy dissolving the old.
We now transform.

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