Why do we walk as though there is something flawed in us?
Because society is constantly telling us ‘we are not enough’.
So that we consume what they have.
By keeping us at ‘not enoughness’ then it serves the people that are in control.

Take back YOU.
You are Divine.
You are infinite and we forget all that.

We came here to Love.
To express Our Being because we were enough.
More than enough. 
You are whole and complete.
Nothing has ever changed who you Be within.
The Divine.
You are that.

You bring that Energy, but are you Being that?
Know that.
You are an overflow of energy, of Love, Abundance and Light.
You came to impact creation.

Who me?
Yes you.
You are more than enough right here, right now.

You came to this planet to BE YOU.
Nothing else.
YOU, with all the desires that you have.
What do you love?
Then be more of that.

Are you in the wrong job?
Then find the Light in that, BE YOU.
Bring You to that place and space until you see the impact that you make and then you can choose You again and again.

Be the Light that you came to BE.
That is being asked of you always.


You came to Know who you are.
Yes we all forgot, but here you are.
This message IS FOR YOU.

BECAUSE I want you to remember who you BE.
Because you forgot you are ME.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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