An insight to my work: 
Everyday I ask this question…

What is the Message that you want the world to know today?
(and straight away The Answer flows)

Are you Being You?
Like the real you?
The Greatest Version of You?
The You that I Created you to BE?

Because it’s essential to our world.
YOU are everything that I desired to BE here.
And you are here to excell and create 
everything that is within your heart.
Because I put it there.
I the One that Created YOU.
I the One that placed your vision within you.
Think clearly, if anything was possible 
what would you desire?

It’s just a choice.
It’s just a decision to BE YOU.
It always has.
It’s why you came.
And everything around you is here 
to remind you who you are.
Who You BE.

I remember when you were born
and so much was beaming from you.
And slowly over the years, you all thought 
it was about something other than Being You.

You’re not stuck.
You’re here to remember Who You BE.
You Are One with ME.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

[GOD is In One, In All, In Love.] ❤