Be kind to yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Your body is sacred. 
Your space is sacred. 
And who you share that with 
should be the highest vibration of Love.

Your sacredness in what you see, 
be and do will be reflected to this earth 
for ever more.

Be kind to yourself. 
Let go of the war in your life. 
Allow each cell to feed on Love, 
to be Love and release anything 
that does not serve.

You have no idea what is waiting 
on the other side of that.

It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.



How many times have you thought:
“If only this was done.”
Well it is.
As soon as you see The Light.
The Truth that is spinning in your mind.
Your thoughts create everything in your world.
There is nothing that you see that has not been created by You.
On some level, it’s all you.

That’s sometimes hard to hear.
But when you get that.
That’s also the Power that you bring.
You are Powerful and you create it all.
So if I did create this, 
then I have the power to change this too.
Everything is here to serve us.

If everything is here for you.
Then what is it here to show you now?
And then what is it here to give to you?
What will you choose now?

Everything has brought you here, here and now.
What is it that you will choose?
Everything begins with a thought.
What will you now choose?
What reality will you now feed?

It is Done.

‘The Sacred Healing Sessions’ have begun.
You, me and The Divine. 
Source Energy running through your Being.
Love Energy dissolving the old.
We now transform.

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The Answer to all our problems.

The Answer to all our problems.


Here is The Answer to all our problems.

Firstly let’s begin with this.
This is not your home. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. We are Divine and we are here to remember who we BE.

We have donned these suits. The suit that I wore at 5 is different to the suit I wear now.
It’s all relative.
We are projecting everything into our reality.
This may sound all like hogwash to some, but it has all been proven by quantum physics. What the mystics spoke of for thousands of years has all been proven now. We are energy and at the very sub-atomic levels we are vibration and waves. Everything is the same. We are all One. We are all of the same thing.
No matter who you are. 
That energy is an Intelligence, also known as Creator or The Divine. The names are not important, it’s all One.

I am not here to seperate. I am here to join.
To finally make you realise that these suits that we have donned are here to make us feel seperate, and to play our parts, to make us think we are apart, and this is all we have. But in fact we are One.

Our very nature is Oneness. This goes beyond gender, race, religion or status. WE ARE ONE. And we came to remember who we are. We are all made of the same things. We all came from an energy of utmost Love. There is but One Creator, no matter the name, it’s all ok. 
We are all One.

We are here to remember who we BE. And we do not understand this sacred game that we came to play.
We landed here and forgot who we BE. Who we are.
And then family, education, society, the world then tells us who we are. And that’s what we now believe.

We are led to believe that we are not enough.
When in fact we have forgotten who we are.
We are The Divine.
We are that energy moving through this world.
GOD did not make one perfect Jesus/Muhammad/Buddha and made a mistake with the rest!
No he made us all with the potential that they had, the potentials that they Be. They were examples of people who remembered who they BE. They remembered their connection to their GOD, to the One. They knew there was no separation, that ‘My Father and I are One’ and they treated the people that others rejected with Love and Compassion because they knew they were ONE.

Society does not want this for us. Society has never wanted us to own our power, because then WE ARE POWERFUL, THEN WE ARE ONE. Society has built walls and kept us in fear and lies about one another so that they can manipulate the circumstances in our lives.

But now it’s time. It’s time to join forces. 
To see ourselves as the brothers and sisters we are. 
To own our Divinity, and that we are the Creators here on earth. WE get to experience what we desire.

Oneness is our nature. We get to experience a Heaven on Earth when we believe we are One. When we acknowledge that our brothers and sisters want what we want. Freedom, Love, expression and a safe place to call home. 
We get to create what we desire.
Let’s drop our ideas and see ourselves as ONE.

There is nothing seperating us. Everything is ONE.
I believe in a future greater than what we have had.
I believe we have the power to move and create whatever it is that we desire. Don’t get stuck in the semantics, just come back to Love. WE ARE ONE.

When we see ourselves as seperate, we get into ‘those over there and us over here’, and everyone feels apart. We are joined by who we BE. WE ARE ONE.

We are all one having this human experience. 
And now we choose to take our power back. 
Don’t let governments, religions, judgements create our world. Choose Peace and Love for All. What happens is that you too will experience what you give. You too will experience a Love like never before. Because you will remember who you Are, who you BE.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

‘The Sacred Healing Sessions’

‘The Sacred Healing Sessions’

So Loved in fact that you are being transformed.

Transformed before your very eyes.

Transformed to who you BE.

Who you choose to BE.

You get to choose it now.

There is no other way 
but just to BE the One 
that you came to Be.

There’s never a here or there.
You are here now and it is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.
Maria xx

‘The Sacred Healing Sessions’
have begun.
You, me and The Divine. 
Source Energy running through your Being.
Love Energy dissolving the old.
We now transform.

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