FEAR and Anxiety is grappling many of us right now. 
There is much in the air. 
It will take all of us to remember Who We BE. 
It is essential. 
Be kind to ourselves. 
Stay present in the Now. 
In the Now, knowing that I already AM The One 
that I desire to BE. 
How would I feel, move and BE in this world? 
Just in this moment. Just think of that. 
And raise the vibration here in this moment right now. 
It will make the next moment better. 
Continue to bring your thoughts back 
to the here and now, and bring this moment to feel 
like you would when you already BE that. 
It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.

Know that as a collective many are feeling this way, 
this may be why WE that are called to lead 
are feeling it more so, 
because we feel what’s around us, 
we are aware and in tune with the surroundings.

Choose that you are feeling the collective 
so that you know how to serve, it is not yours. 
You get to be the Light so step up in the Now. 
Be the person that already impacts many lives and 
share, from that place. 
Live FROM/IN the Miracle. 
It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love. 

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