It’s power to move you in the direction of your thoughts.
What you think you will.
But do you?

You have over 50,000 thoughts 95% all the same as yesterday
and the day before. They are running the show.

Your subconscious mind is running it all.
Can you free yourself from this illusion?

Ofcourse you can.
When you become aware.

Awareness is everything.
It releases you from what was.
And as we are aware we get to create anew.
A new life is there to unfold.
You are a Creator.
This is your dream.
Let’s get you back in control.

Each day you awake and see the same things unfold.
You are now going to impress your ideas into your mind,
until that becomes the norm.
You will see that the more you consciously choose your desires and write them into your reality, into this 3rd dimension then the very nature of your reality begins to move and unfold. 
There is never a here or there.
There is only a desire, and creating that in the now.
Feeling it into existence.
Feeling it all now.
It’s all a matter of belief.
That what you desire is always available in the here and now.
It is Done. 
In One, In All, In Love.
Maria xx 

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