What if before life began 
You knew that you had the power to choose 
what it is you are here to BE.

But you forgot
We all did
And we believed whatever society fed us.

We are only half living here.

What if we got to fully express and BE 
exactly who we were created to BE?
How would that lift our depression, 
our anxiety, our deepest fears?

What feels yuck is You, the expansive You, being stuck 
and feeling that you are not enough.
Because you can’t seem to fit in this construct of life.


You were never meant to dilute who you are.
Or identify with anything in the here and now.

YOU came to share YOU.
That was always enough.

What if you remembered that you got to choose your own adventure?
What would that BE?

If you got to choose again.
What adventure would you choose for your life?
What would YOU Be?

What YOU would BE is YOU!

More of YOU.

What would that look like?
What would you be saying, being, doing.
The adventure I’m talking about is you being fully you.
You being led by your Soul.
And in each moment choosing to be more of YOU.

How would that change your state?

Where have you forgotten to BE YOU?
You’ll know it by the way you feel.

When you are trying to put your expansion into a hole, 
and you try to stuff it in, 
only to show up as the minuscule of you.

When really you are The All.
You have it all within. 

Inside you have everything that you now need.

What is this moment for?
It’s for you to express more of YOU.
It’s all you came to BE.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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