If you could share one thing what would that BE?
What would you bring forth?
What is it that you are here to explore?

What is it that you are here to give this world?
So much goodness here within you.
So much Greatness waiting to be explored.

You are not of this Earth.
But you’re here. 
Right here, right now.
So what did you come to explore?

What is it that you came to share here with this world?
What is the expression that you came to BE?
What is it that you are going to Create with what is within?

You are everything here on Earth.
You are the All creating through this form.
And when you express what it is that you came to share
Then you will BE more.
More than ever before.

And the Freedom that you will feel!
That feeling that you have been choking within
Will now be released.

And Expansion is what will need to be explored.
The Expansion of The All.

The Expansion that you get to explore.
It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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