Allow Divinity to BE in place 
within Your Soul.
Allow it to flow through you.

We block who we are because we are afraid of our Desires.
Our Desires are who we came to BE.
You get to BE all of that.
All of it.

There is no desire too big for your heart. 
you see it and it is yours.
You did not come to play small.
You came to BE The All.

You came to BE of that heart.
You came to express your BEing into this world.
Your BEing was always enough.

Do you see how you always think there’s one more thing.
One more thing you need to be or do?
One more thing before you unleash the real you?

C’mon, you’re more than enough.
More than you have ever thought.
More than you’re seeing right here, right now.
Ask yourself.

What do I truly desire?
And then BE that.
All of the time.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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