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What if you have Access to Everything you Desire? | Maria Portas

What if everything that you have ever imagined
has already been Created?

What then?

Well, then you have access to it all.

Why is it that you doubt that to be Truth?

Manifestation is all about bringing in
the very thing that it is that you desire. 
When it’s not showing up,
there is a problem with the
ALIGNMENT of that desire.


Easily fixed right?

Well, here is where all this begins to change.
Because there is a new way of Creating. 
And there is never a time that you need to
think that you are not entitled to it all.


You are
and always
have been.


Can you rate your struggle from 1-10?
Really? Be honest? 
How hard is it to bring in what it is you want?

Here is how:
If you rate it a 10,
that is, real, real, hard.


Well there is your belief.

There is much keeping you from
what it is you are wanting and reaching for.


But if you are creating and thinking
that you can easily create 1-3
then you get to be in that vision
And FEEL it over and over again.
There is never a REASON
but the reason you give it!


You have such attachment
to not having someone or something
that you now keep it a bay.

You are stopping the becoming.
You are creating the other bubble
that does not allow this love
or this person
or this thing,
the money,
whatever it is
to come to you now.


Just reach in and see it
as you will.


See it as done.
As completely yours
and completely done.
See the vision
the movie of your life. 
And include it all.


Every detail that you love.
Everything that you want.


You want it BECAUSE it
has ALWAYS BEEN a part of YOU.



It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.