Who are we in this world? And what is the story we are playing out?

Who are we in this world? And what is the story we are playing out?

We are a species created from and for LOVE. We were created with each other in mind.

We are a code system that is FINDING OURSELVES.


It’s this masterful game where we reach higher and move beyond limitations to reach our highest potentials.

Do we ever make it? Our highest potential that is?

Sometimes yes, but very often there has been a lack of understanding as to what we are here to ultimately Be an do.


We came from LOVE, PURE POTENTIAL actually.

How is it that we do not remember or realise when everything is pointing us in this direction?

Everything we do and feel is for the Love (which comes in many forms), but for the Love that we will receive.

Remember a time where you felt true deep connection with another human being, and the Love that you felt pouring through you, how magical did that feel?

How expansive and purpose filled did you feel?

Because you knew that’s how you wanted to feel.

When you feel that rush, it’s the ECSTASY OF LIVING AT THE EDGE of where you need Be.


Life is about EXPERIENCING those moments but also CREATING those moments again and again in different forms, yes but still with that elighted emotion and wonder where you feel I am part of this Universe. Because at that moment everything seems to be rushing through you.


It’s truly your essence: Love.

But here is where it is fascinating, because we are here to play out a story,

an extraordinary experience of time and place.

And although we have been given freewill,

we still have our desires stamped within our Souls.

Our very hearts have been imprinted with those desires that we are meant to follow.

Those desires that will be awakened through Life.





THIS is the Greatest gift we give not only ourselves, but LIFE itself.

It’s that power and potential that we carry within, that must be drawn out.


Here we will explore how:

Now that you are beginning to see that everything that you Be and Create form part of your inner awareness, then you get to see that this too is the reminder that everything that is a mirror in your life can also be an expression of who you need Be.

Take this day for example, there have been 24 hours, and most of those hours you are figuring out what it is that you are doing in this world, if not consciously, you are subconsciously exploring it all. You are looking and finding your place of connection, of Life, of Truth, i.e. Your Truth.

And as soon as that is seen by your subconscious mind it will direct you towards it,

before even you know how! It is Done!


In your subconscious mind it is a given that everything that you draw near

is because you need to choose that to move you to what it is you came here to Be.

The experience could be good or bad, in your eyes,

but it will be the idea that it is bringing you closer to what you set out to desire.

It is and must be accomplished. It’s a magnetic force that moves before you.

It is you, but it is you living the core of your desires.


We are Manifestations of the Divine. If you believe in God or not,

then this is where you will actually keep yourself stuck.



It is all about journeying through Life until you remember your true connection as One.

Divinity is your nature.

It is your TRUTH.

And in saying that WE BECOME ONE.


It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.

Maria xx