There is a saying here on earth “ You are what it is that you think about”. I like to state it in this way “You Are and I AM!”

You see You Are everything that I have Created in You. There is never any doubt that you are not here to be something greater than you may be doing right now.


What matters is that you may not be seeing it right now.

You don’t know what that is, and that’s OK because now we will begin to explore it all.


Here is what I Know.


There is a magnificence within you that you are not seeing right now. You have it. Every single one of you. Not just one, but all.


You see I did not make just one perfect person, eg. Jesus/Buddha/(fill in the blank). In my eyes you are all Divine. And you all came for a reason, each one of you. The fact that you don’t see that right now is that you are ignoring who it is you truly are. You’re ignoring the fact that there is something that you were Created to Be. You are Me. A very real part of My Life. I journey in and through you.


This is not a religion this is your relationship with Me. This is knowing that you are more than you believe right now. And that there is nothing that needs to stand between you and who you came to Be.


Look at your life now. See what is missing, and what is that? Could it be your Divine relationship with Me? You see, you cannot be all that you are here to be if you don’t have me….. I feel tension right now 🙂


So many people are not a bit aware of My longing in their life. They fill it with so many, many things. But that space, that longing, if you allow it to breathe, is Me. It is the Love within that you are searching for.


Yes and there are many that have done many things without being fully aligned with Me, and still they are not filled with all that has been created. For them it is never enough, because they are ignoring that depth within.


When you connect to Me, to My Love …. You Are All. You are more than anything that has occurred up until now. You are fire. You are a force of this world. You are needed and are essential to this world.


Why fear what may occur? When you are in control.


Yes there are wars and atrocities that you cannot control, but you become the creator of something more. You open to the dream that I have set within you.


You came with it.
You Are It.


There was never a reason to doubt yourself, but here is where we are at. And that doubt is the only thing that will keep you away from your dreams.


I don’t believe that you are not aware of who I truly am. I believe that you have forgotten your Greatness and this is the biggest fear that you have within you.


Your #1 problem to achieving your dreams is that you don’t know how Great You Are. So you are following this little path, and yet there is a great path that awaits you. It has people and communication that will show you how to achieve what it is that you have dreamed.


It is not just for you, it is for All.
All humanity await your Being.


It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.
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