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Everything is always flowing through you | Maria Portas

Everything is always flowing through you.
It’s your expression to this world that truly matters.
It truly is the expression that you give it that will be returned.

Don’t feel that there is something other than what you desire.

Your desires are EVERYTHING.
Do not judge them as wrong or as not being enough.
You are MORE than enough.
You are the Divine expressing through Life.
You are that now.


Every time you doubt yourself,
you limit your potential.
You stay in fear.
You create more drama for yourself.


Life is just about showing up
and being Great.
Great meaning that you are tapped in
and tuned on to your biggest life expression.


Do not fear any of it anymore
Because you know,
you know deep, deep down
that this is why you were born.

You came to deliver a message to this world.
It’s one line that you would scream through this world.


My one is:


“You are Greater than you believe right now”
and a lot can be taught under that.

But that’s what I want you to know.
That you have been given a gift.
That you are the Living expression of the Divine.


That you are GOD.


That you have the possibility to create
everything that you desire.


That you not knowing this is actually keeping you small.

It’s keeping you stuck.
It’s all about moving on and pressing on.
It’s never about, actually
it never was about being stuck in a place
that told you what to Be and Do.


It was about having the freedom to move through this.
It was about creating more and more each and every day.

It was never about being in a society that tells you how to Be.
We are forever creating ourselves.


We are here to explore ourselves.
To learn from ourselves, and to be in relationship with others.

Don’t ever fear that you are not enough.
You may not be enough for what society tells you to BE.
But that was never, ever the plan.


YOU are YOU.


YOU could never fit into the places that they told you too.
Because guess what? Your Soul is bigger than that.

Your Soul wants to dream and be free and create.


What if you could let it all go now?�
What if you could begin again?
What would you choose out of life?
What would you choose right now?


You have a Blueprint within you.
It’s about going within and drawing it all out.

Let’s be all there is.

Let’s do it all now.


It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.